Sick Days.

Yesterday was my only day off work for two weeks and I spent it looking after two very poorly children.
Unfortunately my little munchkins have both come down with a sickness bug 😦
It was an exhausting day of running around cleaning up vomit and having to give my baby girl several baths after she had pooped and vomited all over herself and my toddler refused to leave my side and proceeded to vomit allover me and his baby sister (Lovely mental image, I know 😉 )
It’s safe to say that I could not wait for their daddy to come home so I could have 10 minutes to get myself cleaned up and prepared for what was bound to be a sleepless night.

7pm rolled by and my OH came home to find me swaddling our youngest while our toddler was curled up with his head in my lap, finally snoozing. Once he had gotten showered and changed he picked our toddler up and took him up to bed whilst I put the baby in her crib.
I told him I was going to shower and get myself cleaned up and then I would make dinner for us if he listened out for the kids waking.

Around 8pm and we sat down to eat when I suddenly didn’t feel too great and realised that I was coming down with whatever sickness bug the kids had so I spent the majority of the night hugging the toilet bowl and running to sort the kids and clean them up.

This morning, I still didn’t feel 100% so called in sick to work and explained that myself and the kids were all sick so I wouldn’t be able to make it in today. Thankfully I have a very understanding boss and he wished me well and hoped the kids make a speedy recovery!

Today we have all been snuggled up on the sofa, watching movies and napping.
Here’s to hoping we’re all better soon!