Coffee and cake

yesterday my partner looked after the kids whilst I went for a coffee and cake date with my best friend.

It felt so good to go and have adult conversation interruption free ๐Ÿ˜‚

We talked about our lives and she told me that herself and her partner are ttc (trying to conceive) and i don’t think either of us were expecting my reaction (I squealed and cried) I’m so excited for her (them both) they will make incredible parents and the cutest little babies!


Extended family

My partner has another child to a different woman. He has a little boy, a year older than ours and he is amazing. He’s funny, clever, attentive, polite and so many other things. He adores his other siblings and always wants to play with and hug them.

Its amazing seeing them together and truly warms my heart.

My only issue is with his mother. For the amount of time she “allows” my partner to see his son is ridiculous. It is literally as and when it suits her and her partner. To me I don’t think this is how co-parenting should be. There should be a set schedule of when he gets to see his son and actually see him for longer than a few hours. In my opinion it should be every other weekend all weekend (fri-sun).

My partner hasn’t done anything other than love his child unconditionally and never has and never would put his child in danger so I don’t understand why his ex will not allow him “proper” access.

What do you other parents think/feel about this? What would you do in our situation. (Note: whenever my partner has asked her for longer/more time with his son she always says no; without reason and will not allow him to spend even a full day with him)

we love spending time with him and so do our kids. It’s always heartbreaking taking him home (1 and a half hours drive away) because he cries and throws a tantrum because he doesn’t want to leave us or his siblings.